December, 2010 - Tribute to Dio at the Culture Room - Ronnie James Dio's death in May 16, 2010
as a result of loosing his battle against cancer has weighed heavily on many people's lives including
the members of Faethom, and his musical legacy will always inspire many of us who will forever keep
his memory in our hearts and minds to continue the pursuit of our dreams and goals.

This Saturday, December 18th South Florida will finally be able to pay tribute to one of the best
vocalists that walked this earth at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL.   

Evil or Divine, Thrash or Die, Paralysys and Faethom will be paying tribute to Ronnie James Dio while
showcasing some of his musical legacy.

Faethom will be performing their own rendition of Rainbow's "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll" and Black
Sabbath's "Lady Evil"paying homage to the man with a golden voice.  

Sunday Sept. 2nd at 10PM marks the premiere of
Steelstrike Radio on WRGP: 88.1 FM, 95.3 FM or
96.9 FM accross Miami Dade County.

The show will feature a live interview with FAETHOM
and the band will be sharing some of their musical
influences, talking about the Metal scene in South
Florida, and announcing some of their future plans.  
The show will also be streamed online here:
Also this month FAETHOM was a guest on
with co-hosts Rick and CJ. Click on the
picture below to hear the podcast:
Pt.38 video of female screamers, growlers,
and generally harsh vocalists in Metal:
April 2013 -   Back in February of this year the song "Thou Shall Follow"
from Faethom's debut album was featured in a CD Sampler as part of
ANTICHRIST Zine issue 13/2013 by DEAD CENTER Productions from

The 13th issue Metalzine also includes interviews by Blasphemy,
Necros Christos,Onslaught, Hirax,  Teratism, Witching Hour,
Speedwolf, and Cobra to mention a few and it's distributed through
different international distributors across Europe and USA, such as
Hells Headbangers, Relapse, Metal Soldiers, Old Temple, No Colours,
Necromancer, Hecatombe, etc...   

Mariela also did an interview for Swedish metal blogger Robex Lundgren.
Which you can read it at the link below:

"The Letter" video featured in InsaniTV
Episode 24:    

February, 2011 - Faethom was part of two great metal events back in
December '10 and January '11:
South Florida's Tribute to Ronnie James Dio
at The Culture Room and the Metal Cruise of Multiple Tonnage Pre-Apocalyptic
Party at the Transit Lounge for which two great press articles can be found at the
Spirit of Metal web site by clicking on the links provided above.  

Also Faethom's singer Mariela was featured in
"Metal Queens Seven"
by Armand Rosamilia, which you can purchase  as an eBook or  in print  
by clicking on the links provided.
October, 2009 -  Faethom released their first EP titled "Lullaby for Heathen Spawn" on October 20th, 2009 and the band is set out to
book an array of shows throughout the State of Florida to promote this release starting with the first live show on November 14th at the
November Blackout Fest in Area 7 Oakland Park, FL. Both Faethom's first EP and first T-shirt will be available for sale at shows and

The band invites all Metalheads around the globe to hear the sounds of Faethom and keep supporting the underground scene by
getting a copy of "Lullaby for Heathen Spawn EP". Stay true, stay metal!
January, 2011 - The band played an array of great shows across Florida during 2010
promoting theirself released EP named "
Lullaby for Heathen Spawn".
The band had a blast and received much acclaim and support from many awesome
Floridian Metalheads!

The band is still actively performing live shows in 2011 while working very hard on
recording the last few tracks for their debut concept album, "In the Name of the Father,
the Son and the Unholy", which is expected to be self-released by Spring of 2011.

Also, some new merchandise will become available here soon: Hats, picks and new
color T-shirts. The First official Faethom record, Lullaby for Heathen Spawn EP,  
T-shirts and stickers are currently available for sale (See below – Get free stickers with
your purchase on this site). The EP can also be purchased online
CDBABY.COM/CD/FAETHOM or downloaded from iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster,
and others.
You may also purchase the EP here from the
MERCH section and get some free
stickers to help spreading the word.
March, 2011 - As the much anticipated release of "In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Unholy" gets closer to becoming a
reality, some of the Metal music press starts to take notice.

To read a great article about the upcoming full length release you can visit either one of these web sites:
Brave Words & Bloody
Knuckles (Magazine and Webzine) , Metal from Greece (Greek metal magazine)  or Metal Assault Radio (Online Metal Radio), which
has also been airing Faethom's music during the last few months along with some other great FM and Web radios across the globe
AKA Radio's "Metal Mayhem" with Faethom's good friend DJ Draken as host, The Autopsy Report with host Gramie Dee
(Show aired in 13 FM and Web stations in both the U.S. and the U.K.) and also many Bolivian FM radio stations airing great shows
such as
Resistencia which supports the music scene in Bolivia and one of the last and longest running Metal shows Cuarta Cruzada
with legendary metal crusader
Raul Araujo, who has been bringing this musical genre that is loved by so many to Bolivians' ears for
more than three decades. Guitarist and co-founder David was interviewed by Raul in May of 2010 and a video of the interview will be
posted online very soon.  

Metal Messiah Radio has also been airing Faethom's music.
An interview with singer and co-founder Mariela will be aired on
March 15th and sister company:
CrossedSkulls Productions
organized a concert called "Darkness Descent" which will take
place on April 23rd at Churchill's Pub in Miami and will be
showcasing the darker side of the Floridian metal scene
including Faethom and other extreme metal acts from across
the state.   (Click on the pictures below for more information
about these two exiting events):
June , 2011 –  New Faethom T-Shirt & Florida Metal – The New Breed on Metal Messiah Radio.

A new T-shirt, in support of the band’s upcoming full length release is now available for sale. You may purchase it from the “
section on Faethomweb or at the live shows.    Also, a brand new Faethom song from the upcoming concept album “In the Name of the
Father, the Son, & the Unholy” titled “
Thou Shall Follow” will be debuting on a radio special hosted by Jet “The Metal Magdalene”
Saturday June 25th on
Metal Messiah Radio. This special will showcase the newer Metal bands that are currently active in the state of
Florida, hence the name:
FLORIDA METAL – THE NEW BREED.  The members of the band would like to thank Lord Crusan and Jet
Metal Messiah Radio for their constant support to Faethom and for keeping the Metal flame alive.  
August, 2011 -  Introducing some of the characters that form part of  "In the name of the Father, the Son, & the Unholy"

As the release of  the full length concept album titled "In the Name of the Father, the Son, & the Unholy" steadily approaches, Faethom
would like to introduce some of the unholy characters that make up the macabre tale of the album:

(From left to right: Victor, Mother Superior Beatriz Cruz, and the Silent Nuns)
October, 2011 - The official release of “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy” has been confirmed  for the day after
Halloween, Tuesday November 1st, on and around this date many countries across the globe celebrate “El Dia de los Muertos” or
“The Day of the Dead”.

Commemorating this multicultural celebration Faethom’s
album release is an offer to those who are no longer amongst
the living.

Faethom’s full length concept album will contain 16 tracks
which were previously revealed along with the cover artwork
designed by talented Californian artist
Fernando Saavedra
on Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles.

Also Faethom would like to thank Stéphane le Saux from
Temple of Perdition (French Metal Blog) for writing a great
article about the band anticipating the album release.
Last but not least the band would also like to welcome
its newest member, Fabian Lopez, a talented musician
from the South Florida metal scene who will be added to the
live experience on rhythm guitar very soon.
Welcome aboard Metal Brother!         
November, 2011 - Faethom's debut concept album, "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy" was officially released
November 1st. The band will perform the songs of the album live on a
CD Release Show and will be sharing the stage with some
other great Metal bands from the underground scene on November 12th at EVE in Miami. The show will have two stages: The Ritual
and The Altar stage both of which will showcase some of the greatest Extreme Metal bands in the South Florida region.

Metal Messiah Radio will air an interview featuring singer Mariela Muerte and guitarist David Diacrono on the same day of the release
at 9PM EST and all 16 unholy tracks will be premiered at the show. You may purchase the album from the
Merch section using a
Paypal account, the album is also available at CDBaby, and directly through Facebook.  Faethom's music is also available for
download at
iTunes, Amazon and other music download sites.  The following is a video trailer of the album:
April, 2012 -  Faethom played various shows in support of their debut concept album, "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the
since its release. The following are live videos from two of Faethom's highlight shows this year. The first video is from the
Tribute to Iron Maiden show at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale back in December of 2011 where Faethom performed their own
version of "Quest for Fire" which is a song that Maiden has not performed live in a very long time and was chosen by Faethom
because of its melodic nature been similar to folk music from The Andes. The second video is from the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise
Pre-Party at Grand Central in Miami where hundreds of Metal maniacs from all across the globe got together to celebrate this deep
bond all of us Metalheads share:

The band will be playing at
Brutiful Metal Fest next to many other great Metal bands from all around the U.S. in Dothan, Alabama this
coming June 16th and might also embark on a U.S. tour this summer. Stay tuned for more touring information.
July 2012 -  This month marks the release of FAETHOM's first music video for the song "THE LETTER" off their 2011 release - In the
Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy.  The video began production in September of 2011 and is a unique visual extravanganza of
all the unholy adventures lived by  the characters that make of up FAETHOM's tale of terror.
September 2012 - New Faethom T-Shirt  and guest appearance on Steelstrike Radio: Heavy Metal is back on South Florida's

A new Faethom T-shirt is available for sale
throughthe Merch section of FaethomWeb
or at live shows.
Both the front and back of the shirt feature
"In the Name of the Father, the Son, and
the Unholy"album artwork by talented artist
Fernando Saavedra from Los Angeles, CA.  

Also, Heavy Metal is finally back on the airwaves
of South Florida with a radio show named
"STEELSTRIKE" with host "The Sound Cannibal"
on WRGP and FAETHOM is proud to be the first
guest band on the air.   
October 2012 - Faethom's singer Mariela Muerte is featured in the latest edition of The Female Vocalists of Extreme Music Pt. 38
Series of Videos).  Also, Faethom was featured in the latest episode (#24) of InsaniTV which includes the video for "THE LETTER."
"InsaniTV is the online video show that brings you the heaviest, craziest, most brutal metal videos from all around the world!"
March 2013 -  A few months ago Faethom revealed a picture of one of the main characters from the upcoming album currently

The new concept album will also be based on a horror story
written by Mariela Muerte and it's a tragically horrific one filled
with injustice, violence, rage, vengeance and death.  
It is set in a small, desolate Bolivian town from which the
character in the picture hails, she is known posthumously
as: LA FIERA. Watch out, for this vengeful cholita because
she means business!

Also Faethom just released a new song
"Héroes de las Minas"
through Revebnation and YouTube. Although, in the past some
of Faethom's lyrics included some segments in Spanish such
as "Thou Shall Follow" in the first album "In the Name of the
Father,the Son, and the Unholy", this is marked as the first song
fully inSpanish and a bit of Quechua about "El Tio" and
the miners in Bolivia.

"In the mines of highland Bolivia, "El Tío" is the familiar name for the
spirit owner of the mountain, who is also known as Huari or Supay.
He is closely related to similar figures found in mines in Peru called
"muqui". The words "El Tío" are Spanish for "the uncle" and evince
the relationship of patronage that the miners have with the spirit.
He is associated with pre-Hispanic huacas as well as the
Christian Devil and is a central figure in the ritual life of Bolivian
mining communities. An icon of the Tío is situated in each mineshaft
to receive sacrificial offerings of alcohol, coca leaf, cigarettes, llama
blood and other ritual items from the miners in return for his goodwill
and his guarantee of good health and good fortune in the mines."
May 2013 -   Faethom is currently working on a new music video for the song called "THOU SHALL FOLLOW" off the debut concept
album "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy." For this second video the band is proud to be working with two of South
Florida's great artists, puppeteer Jim Hammond from the Puppet Network and graphics designer/animator Daniel Jackson.  

Here's a live video of the same song released earlier this
month. The footage and audio used for this video, courtesy
of Pedro (From Pentagram Chile DVD Trade), Dan Jackson
and edited by Faethom's David Diacrono was shot at the
Hellwitch | Perdition Temple | Faethom | Hellfrost show at
Area 7 in Oakland Park, Florida back in November
16th of 2012 and it can be seen here:  

Also, Mariela Muerte (Faethom's singer/keyboardist) put
together the first official lyric video for the song
"BEWARE THE KING"off the debut album.
The video features all the lyrics to this song and
displays the album's artwork painted by Californian
artist Fernando Saavedra:

The band is currently working on their second concept album. A new song was released and can be heard on
YouTube or
ReverbNation.  Nuno Ribeiro from  published an article about the release of Faethom's new song
"SCHOOL DAY TERROR" and it can be read by clicking on the banner:
Mariela Muerte and David Diacrono of Faethom were interviewed by Bobby Weaver from Louisiana based BRUTIFUL METAL RADIO
earlier this month, click on the banner to listen to the interview:  
Faethom went  to Daleville, Alabama to perform at  
"Brutiful Metal Fest 2012" along with bands from all
around the U.S. Here's a hilarious short documentary
filmed and edited by Mariela Muerte:
September 2013 -   Faethom had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great international Metal acts such NWOBHM
legends RAVEN on 9/11 having Carlos Delgado (Death Crowned King, Made of Metal) covering up for Hermes on drums, and also  
GOATWHORE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD back on 5/11 with Julian Guillien (Brigand, Suamox) filling in on bass. The band will be playing
with KULT OV AZAZEL & TERATISM on 10/11 with Matt Winters (Dark Legacy) on bass.  
October 2013 -   The best time of the year is here and October will
see the release of Faethom's MARK OF THE DEVIL EP available
on 10/11/13.

Three new songs, I.Mark of the Devil, II. Heroes de las Minas (First song
completely in Spanish and some Quechua) , III. School Day Terror are
included in this release  with Mariela Muerte on vocals & keyboards,
David Diacrono on guitars & bass, and Hermes Reyes on drums.

The CD will be available for sale through this website and at shows
starting at the 1st Annual BLACK KVLT FEST at Churchill's Pub in
Miami, FL on 10/11/13.

Once more the cover artwork was in the talented hands of Californian artist
Fernando Saavedra and this time the band also had the pleasure of working
with Rachel from
RJ Images Photography for the band photo shoot.

Also, October 9th will be
playing a special promotion for
the Black Kvlt Fest with hosts
Dj Jet and Lord Crusan.

The show will have an
interview with Xaphan Azazel
from Kult ov Azazel, Mariela
Muerte & David Diacrono
from Faethom, and Nick
Goodyear from Promethean
Horde, plus music from all
the bands playing at the

On October 26th, Faethom will
finally get the chance to pay
tribute to one their most
important musical influences,
MERCYFUL FATE, at Archie's
West in Tamarac, FL

The band will play a few covers
from Mercyful Fate's amazing
catalogue opening for
Lufycrem Etaf, a Mercyful Fate
cover band.

Also on the bill are South
Florida Metal bands Paralysys
and Nekromaniak (Click on the
flier for event details)
Also this month Faethom became a 5 piece band once again with the addition of Matt Winters on Bass and Ken Hayward on guitar.
The band is very proud to get such talented musicians as part of the permanent lineup and welcomes both Metal brothers with open

Matt Winters will make his live debut appearance at the 1st Black Kvlt Fest in Miami, FL , Ken Hayward will play "Heroes de las
Minas" that same night, and then the full set at the Mercyful Fate Tribute show in Tamarac, FL.  

Here's a picture taken during one of the band's rehearsals at their warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  
December 2013 - A new T-shirt in celebration of the release of Faethom's new
EP "Mark of the Devil" is now available for purchase here and at shows.  
The shirt includes the EP's artwork by artist
Fernando Saavedra

This month the band will have the honor to share the stage with one
of the most influential Death Metal bands of all time, MORBID ANGEL,
as part of their South Florida date for the 20th Anniversary of
Covenant -United States Tour (1993-2013). The tour is to be a
celebration by the Masters of Chaos of their legendary biggest
selling release, the album “Covenant".

The band also had the pleasure to share the stage with ARKONA from Russia last month at The Orpheum in Tampa.  Check out
some pictures taken by the very talented photographers from
RJ Images and AT Photo here:
April 2014 - Faethom played some great shows through the first quarter of 2014 and the band will have the honor to open for yet
another great Metal band, the legendary Canadian band Anvil on April 8th in Fort Lauderdale, the second date of their US Tour.

                                    Faethom's "Heroes de las Minas" Live (Opening for Morbid Angel)


The band had the pleasure to be part of some great events from December '13 through the first quarter of 2014. Some of the
highlights were opening for Morbid Angel, a band that has inspired them for many years.  Another highlight was A Tribute to
Motörhead where Faethom performed two covers, "The Hammer" and "Don't Need Religion".  

The band also had the pleasure to travel to perform in Tampa twice this year, first in February for the Anti-Valentine's Massacre
Fest and then in March for the "Hellgore Fest" which  was right on Mariela Muerte's birthday and included some outstanding Death
and Black Metal bands from all across Florida. Also on April 5th they played a show with Nakhiel from Jacksonville and Ancestor
from Cuba, event that had a very unique atmosphere because of the display of musical diversity within the Black Metal genre by the
three bands.  
October 2014 – The band has been in recording mode for a few months and the new songs will be melting your brains very
soon. This is a complete DIY production from recording to mixing and because of the weather conditions in South Florida and not
having air conditioning at the studio the artistic aggression was increased by a few notches. Luckily, the members of Faethom
made it through the summer alive! The band will be searching for the ideal sound engineer to do the mastering after all the
recording, editing and mixing is complete; because you can never underestimate a fresh set of professional ears, even if working
with a constrained budget.    
As difficult as it can be, the band found a way to play three important shows while the recording sessions were taking place and
drummer Hermes had to use his back up drum set for the live experience to avoid moving the laborious microphone setup at the
recording warehouse (A.K.A. Incafierno Studios).    

Faethom had the pleasure to open the show and share the stage with Agalloch on their "Serpens In Culmination" tour date at The
Orpheum in Tampa along with Vex from Texas. It was a great experience filled with musician camaraderie and the band thanks both
the owner of the venue and the booking agent for the invitation and great hospitality.  

The band also played two great festivals at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, first on August 2nd at the third annual Death to Miami Fest
sharing the bill with some great Metal bands from all across Florida and also October 18th at the second annual Black Kvlt Fest
sharing the stage with Colombian/Texan Black Metal band Thy Antichrist and other great Blackened bands from all across Florida
and beyond.
The band was invited to
headline a show in San Juan,
Puerto Rico on November
15th. The event celebrates the
4th anniversary of Black Stone
Entertainment Productions
and it is also dedicated to
Puerto Rico’s beloved Metal
singer Damaris Negron
“Signora Legion” who passed
away in 2012.      This marks
the very first time Faethom
plays outside of mainland U.S.
and the first time all members
visit Puerto Rico.
Faethom re-recorded a song called “Thou Shall Follow” of their debut full length album “In the Name of the Father, the Son,
and the Unholy” for a music video filmed and edited by artist Dan Jackson which will be released on Halloween's eve of
2014. The following are some still shots anticipating this new video release:
Also check out the new LIVE
new song "Become Alive",
which will be featured on the
upcoming album recorded live
at our rehearsal studio and
brought to you by Colombia
Metal Garage Community and
Demuniom Productions:
November 2014 - MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: This month Faethom revealed the "Thou Shall Follow" music video, directed and
edited by talented artist, Daniel Jackson (who does a cameo appearance in the video as Satan!). This is a work of months! It's
been a long journey and both the band and the director hope that  you all think it was worth the wait. This video release couldn't
have been at a more perfect time too. In a month like this, three years ago, Faethom released their debut album "In the Name of the
Father, the Son, and the Unholy." To honor this event as well as the video, the band re-recorded "Thou Shall Follow" with the current
lineup -
Mariela (vocals/keyboards), David (guitar), Hermes (drums), and Ken (bass). Mixed and Mastered by guitarist, David. You
can download the track for free at the link below. It's the band's gift to you for all the amazing support! Download the track for FREE
by clicking
"Tho Shall Follow" (Download).
December 2015 - Recording sessions for the new album were completed in October, mixing began in November, and early next year
Mastering will be in the hands of Soundlodge Studios based in the northern "Moorlands" of Germany  with sound engineer Jörg Uken
who also plays drums with speed metal german band Stormwarrior.  Even though the main focus this past year was recording the
album, the band took the time to play a few shows next to some great local and international bands, such as Ulcer, Mindscar, Made
of Metal, Killing Addiction, Thrash or Die, Vattnet Viskar, as well as Norwegian black metal band 1349 and American death/black
metal band ACHERON.
Unfortunately Faethom's bassist, Ken Hayward, had to move to Seattle, WA shortly after recording all of the bass lines for the new
album and was only be able to play a couple more shows with the band after his move to the west coast. Joel Kaos from
ANCESTOR temporarily  joined Faethom on bass in order to fulfill previous gig commitments. The band thanks Ken for all of his
hard work, both in the studio and live, as well as Joel for covering the spot. Joel ended up moving to Las Vegas, NV and the band
is currently looking for a permanent bassist.   The band wishes both Ken and Joel the best of luck in their new endeavors.  
January 2016 - The band is glad to announce that the search for a bassist has come to
an end.  A few months ago bassist Ken moved to Seattle and it was a really tough time
for the band. Joel, from Cuban Black Metal band Ancestor, step in for a few gigs but after
a while he also moved to the west coast, and chose the city of sin, Las Vegas. Luck was
obviously not on the band's side but they carried on. The band asked the bassist Marcel
Salas from Cyst to help out for a couple of shows and he graciously agreed.  The
rehearsals with Marcel went very well and one chilly night,  Mariela, David, and Hermes
formed a circle around him and with an evil gleam in their eyes they chanted: "Marcel,
join us, JOIN US!" And, with a gleam in his eyes even more evil than theirs he said:
"Yes!" So, Marcel is now officially Faethom's new bassist. He played his first show with
the band paying homage to Lemmy of Motörhead who had left this world a few weeks
before. Marcel will be part of Faethom's upcoming tour with Solstice in the Summer.
April 2016 - The band released the cover artwork for their upcoming album Fury Of The Scorned Witch. This will be the band's
2nd full-length album and will feature 18 hellish tracks. This record will be a horror concept album about a fictional Bolivian
mining town where the miners toil and suffer relentlessly under the watchful eye of "El Tio" (the demonic entity that guards the

With an infernal cast of characters - a scorned, vengeful cholita,
a violent, murderous miner, a powerful, diabolical witch, a pious,
holier-than-thou gossip, and a sinful, cowardly priest -
the album promises to be a hellish metal tale of terror.

The album artwork is by California-based artist, Fernando Saavedra,
who is also responsible for the artwork of the band's
2011 LP (In The Name Of The Father, The Son And The Unholy)
and 2013 EP (Mark Of The Devil). He will also be featured as a
guest guitarist on the instrumental track "Soul-Eating Mountain."

The album will also feature two songs entirely in Spanish,
"Héroes de las Minas" and "Hija del Mal." A bit of
Quechua (the native tongue of Bolivia) will also be included
in some of the tracks.

The band is set to play a show with TAAKE (Norway) in May
and play another  show with NERVOSA (Brasil) in March at Churchill's
Pub in Miami before going on their first U.S. tour in July of 2016
along with Solstice (Miami, US) and Warcurse (Ohio, US).
The album is set to be released in the spring of 2016.
July 2016 -  Friday July 1st of 2016 marks  the official release of Faethom's 2nd full-length concept album, "Fury of the
Scorned Witch".

Fury of the Scorned Witch is a horror concept album about a fictional Bolivian mining town where the miners toil and suffer
relentlessly under the watchful eye of "El Tio" (the demonic entity that guards the mines). With an infernal cast of characters -
a scorned, vengeful cholita, a violent, murderous miner, a powerful, diabolical witch, a pious, holier-than-thou gossip, and a
sinful, cowardly priest - the album promises to be a hellish metal tale of terror to satisfy the old-school Horror-worshiping

With this album, Faethom delivers a powerful  blend of old-school
Heavy Metalmixed with Extreme Metal and elements of 70's prog-
rock, interludes and introsheavily inspired in 80's Horror movie
soundtracks, and overall ambiance inspired by Bolivian folk music.
The album artwork is by California-based artist, Fernando Saavedra,
who is also responsible for the artwork of the band's 2011 LP (In
The Name Of The Father, The Son And The Unholy) and 2013 EP
(Mark Of The Devil). He will also be featured as a guest guitarist on
the instrumental track "Soul-Eating Mountain."

The album features two songs entirely in Spanish, "Héroes de las
Minas" and "Hija del Mal." A bit of Quechua (the native tongue of
Bolivia) is also be included in some of the tracks.

The band is set to go on a U.S. tour in July of 2016 along with
Solstice (Miami, USA) and Warcurse (Ohio, USA).  The tour will span
states from all across the U.S. including NY, MD, OH, IN, CH, CO,
CA, AZ, KY, TX and many more...   To see all of the dates, cities and
venues visit our tour section on this website by clicking on the 2016
Summer Solstice Tour flier here ----------------------------->>>>>>
August 2016 - Faethom would like to thank everyone that came out to the shows on the first U.S. tour with Solstice and War
Curse. The band would also like to thank Alex Marquez (Solstice) for taking the band out on tour and Brian Wilson (Hellwitch) for
doing an excelent job filling in on drums.   
September 2016 -  A lyric video edited by singer Mariela Muerte was released on September 21st. The song is called "Slaves
to the Dawn" and it's the first song (second track) in "Fury of the Scorned Witch". The lyrical content of Slaves to the Dawn talks
about the strife of the workers in a fictional Bolivian mining town (somewhere in the Andes) where the story of this concept
album unfolds. The lyrics are mainly in English except for the bridge section of the song which is both in Quechua and Spanish:
< Tuesday
March 15,  2016
< Sunday
May 29, 2016
The first review of Fury of the Scorned Witch was written by
Paul Caravasi from
Soulgrinder Zine and it can read here:
Faethom celebrated the release of the new concept
album on July 29 of 2016 right after coming back from
the U.S. tour:
January 2017 -  Last month Faethom opened for Goatwhore on their Fort Lauderdale tour stop, making it the second time the
bands share the stage since May of 2013.      Earlier this month Alex Marquez (Drummer of Solstice, Thrash or Die,
Ex-Malevolent Creation, Ex-Demolition Hammer) officially announced that Solstice will be headlining their second European tour
with direct support from Faethom, War Curse (Ohio), and Warsenal (Canada). The tour is planned to last through the whole
month of October spanning countries across eastern and western Europe, stay tuned for confirmed dates!
November 2017 -  Throughout most of the year, the band focused on writing new material, however, Faethom also had the
pleasure to play some shows sharing the stage with VENOM Inc., Toxic Holcaust, Goatwhore, INQUISITION, Nocturnus AD, Kult
of Azazel, Shroud Eater, Amenorrhea, No Raza and others earlier this year.   
January 2018 -  As new songs are being written
based on a new spine chilling thought provoking
concept, the band continues to play some live
shows such as yet another 70K Tons of Metal
Pre-Cruise Show at Churchill's sharing the stage
with Brutality, The Glorious Death, NZM, among
other great Florida bands.   

Matt Florio (Virulentus, Ex-Masticator, Ex-Wykked
Wytch) was summoned on bass covering for
Marcel Salas, who was unable to perform a show
in 2017 and another one in 2018. The band
appreciates Matt for helping to fulfill the booking
commitments and for doing so with remarkable
energy, diligence and a great attitude.
April 2018 -  On April 22nd the band performed at the first DECEASED (Thrash/Death band from Viriginia formed in 1984) show in
South Florida at Las Rosas in Miami. It was a great pleasure to share the stage with the legendary Kingsley "King" Fowley and the rest
of the band.  Faethom is now going back to the studio to re-focus on writing and recording the new material.
March 2018 - On March 3rd Faethom had the pleasure to share the stage with
Malón and performed "Hija del Mal", the band's second song written completely in
Spanish for the first time.  Malón is a Thrash metal band from Argentina that was
formed in 1995 by Claudio O'Connor, Antonio Romano, Claudio Strunz, all
ex-Hermética (Formed in 1987) members, and Karlos Cuadrado. It is considered
one of the most representative bands of Argentine Heavy Metal.    This was the first
time Malón performed in Florida and the show was a great success.
The band thanks Matt Florio again for traveling all the way from Maryland filling in for Marcel on bass once more with such
professionalism and camaraderie.  
Photos by RJ Images and CSM Media
January 2019 -  This year welcomes a new band lineup with Ibrahim Hernandez on bass and Roy Jurado on drums. The band thanks
Hermes Reyes and Marcel Salas for their dedication and wishes them all the best with their new endeavors.
Below is a video of the new band lineup performing
“Lullaby for Heathen Spawn” one of Faethom’s oldest
songs which hasn’t been played in many years and
was included on the very first 2 song demo released in 2009.
It was the band’s closing setlist song for the first few years
and it is an ode to the demon baby, son of Ezrahmael, from
the band’s first concept album “In the Name of the Father,
the Son, and the Unholy” released in 2011.
Back then we used to have the demon baby screeching, crying,
and spinning his head on stage while showing off his bright
red twinkling eyes. Welcome Ibrahim and Roy!  
The debut show with the new lineup on January 28th was a unique
experience with a special screening of splatter horror classic
Demons (1985) by Lamberto Bava before some live metal by
Maedusa, Amenorrhea and FAETHOM closing the night at Las
Rosas in Miami, FL.
April 2019 -  The writing process of Faethom's upcoming 3rd concept album concluded by the end of 2018.  The band is
currently working on bass & drum arrangements gearing up towards going into the studio later this year.  
Some great shows were booked this year including the first Metal Festival organized by Jay Black (Ex-Malevolent Creation)
which included Derek Roddy’s new band ENDS in Pompano Beach on March 23rd.

Some great shows were booked this year including the first Metal Festival
organized by Jay Black (Ex-Malevolent Creation) which included Derek Roddy’s
new band ENDS in Pompano Beach on March 23rd.
Another great festival coming up is Death Miami Metal Fest, which Faethom
has been a part of every year since its conception and will feature the first ever
South Florida appearance of Baltimore’s Brutal Death/Black band PESSIMIST.  
The festival will take place at Churchill’s on May 25th.
The band is also looking forward to doing a small tour supporting VICIOUS RUMORS
from California at all 3 Florida dates from June 7th through June 9th in Miami
(Churchill’s Pub), Orlando (Will’s Pub), and Tampa (Brass Mug).  As one of
American Metal pioneers, formed in 1979, Vicious Rumors is celebrating their
40th year anniversary by touring Europe and the US through the summer and as fans
of the band, Faethom is thrilled to join them in at least a small fraction of the
tour while celebrating 10 years since its conception.  Last but not least the
legendary old school Death Metal band MASTER is playing a one-off free show
at Tin Roof in Delray Beach on June 26th with Faethom and Hellwitch on the bill.