November 2023 -  The band performed CHAOSMORPHOGORIA, the new concept album, plus some classics from the first two albums first at Piper's in Pompano Beach, FL on October 26th and again at Brass Mug in Tampa, FL as headliner of the BLACKMASS III festival on October 28th. Hails and thank you all for the support!  (Check out videos and photos here: FAETHOM Facebook or FAEHOM Instagram)


September 2023 - FAETHOM was added to the 5th edition of TAMPA DEATHFEST bill to perform on Saturday, October 7th, sharing the stage with VENOM Inc. and SATAN. You may purchase tickets by clicking hereFAETHOM is set to perform CHAOSMORPHOGORIA, the third concept album to be released this fall, in its entirety for 2 nights! First this coming Thursday, October 26th at PIPER's PUB in Pompano Beach, FL and again at the 3rd edition of BLACK MASS Festival at  BRASS MUG in Tampa, FL on Saturday, October 28th, 2023. 2023-09-13  The band anounced that the album will be released a month from today, on Friday October 13th and a lyric video for one of the songs, "Ancient Powers That Be", was released for this anouncement. YT link: Ancient Powers That Be - Lyric Video


August 2023 - The band released the artwork and title for their new concept album titled “Chaosmorphogoria”. The album was recorded at Derek Roddy's Studio and David Diacrono's home studio in Florida and it was mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios in Germany (God Dethroned, Anvil, Sinister). The album artwork was created by California-based artist, Fernando Saavedra. The album is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023. (See artwork on this great article at BW here:



July 2023 -  There was a memorial show in honor of Faethom's fallen brother, Billy Bryant, at Piper's this past July 29th, the event also featured Saq, and Made Of Metal, both of which Billy was a part of as well. Brian was out on tour with Night Demon from California so Hermes was filling in on drums (You may watch FAETHOM's full set recap video here:'sMemorialShow



June 2023 - Mariela Muerte's vocals and keyboards are being recorded this month with David Diacrono behind the controls. You may watch a short behind the scences video for "Goregantuan", one of the chapters in the upcoming concept album release:



May 2023The band is beyond saddened by the passing of amazing guitarist/contrabassist and dear friend, Billy Bryant. Unfortunately, Faethom was not able to perform with him live even though he became part of the band since right before the pandemic. The band will cherish the memories of the amazing band practices with Billy forever.  R.I.P brother!   ("Blood Will be Shed" - Whole band playthrough video with Billy - recorded during the pandemic:



April 2023 - These past two months have been dedicated to finishing up editing drums and bass as well as recording the official guitar tracks for the new album. Here's a short behind the scenes footage compilation of David Diacrono tracking electric guitars with the help of the great Derek Roddy: https://youtube/Faethom/Guitars2023 



February 2023 - Unfortunately, Billy Bryant, one of Faethom's guitar players, has been fighting cancer for a couple of years. He lost an eye to it during the pandemic and now it has moved to his lymph nodes. He wasn't be able to perform with the band at its come-back show. The band hopes he will be strong enough and cancer free to get back on stage soon. (You can watch Faethom's full come-back performance here:



January 2023 - Three and half years since the last live show opening for Norway's 1349, Faethom is back and performing its first come-back show of the year opening for Imperial Triumphant from NY. Also on the bill are Cloak (From GA, whom the band shared the stage with at the last show), and Couch Slut (NY) at Gramps on February 7th. 



December 2022 - The band was featured in the new issue of Scriptorium Magazine (#27). All that changed since the time this article was written was the studio we chose to record the new album. Support Metal by getting your copy of the latest issue of Scriptorium Magazine here: 



November 2022 - Evie Austin, A.K.A. Evil Evie finished tracking bass at David Diacrono 's lair for the new upcoming album and the rhythm section began to take some serious shape. (Recap video:



October 2022 - The band had the great honor of recording drums at Derek Roddy 's lair today. Brian Wilson, A.K.A. Brutal Brian, did a phenomenal job and this was a great way to kick off the band's official recordings sessions for the new album. (Recap video:



June 2022 - David Diacrono, guitarist of Faethom, was interviewed on Abismo Blogzine Podcast This Thursday, 06/16 "El jueves 16 de junio el Abismo Blogzine estrena un nuevo podcast! Este doceavo episodio de esta tercera temporada, "Ser boliviano, metalero y músico en: EEUU Pt. 4" fue transmitido a las 20 Hrs. a través de la página de Youtube de Abismo Blogzine (Interview:



April 2022 - Due to the global pandemic, the band wasn't able to practice in the same room for more than two years but that changed this month while also auditioning the band's new bassist Evie Austin. The band would like to thank Danny Serrano and Jahziel Sainz of Sorus and Snake Healer for gracefully providing their practice space for this important and re-energizing gathering. 



January 2020 - Brian Wilson and Billy Bryant officially joined the band and quickly resumed working on arranging the rhythm sections of the third album's songs written back in 2018-2019. It's been a while since FAETHOM plays as a 5-piece and the band is fuled with new energy to bring some new music.



October 2019 - Unfortunately the band parted ways with Ibrahim and Roy both of which moved to different states up north to pursue other goals. The band thanks them for all of their effort and wishes them all the best! 



April 2019 -  The writing process of Faethom's upcoming 3rd concept album concluded by the end of 2018.  The band is currently gearing up towards working on bass & drum arrangements prior to going into the studio later this year. 



March 2019 - Some great shows have been booked this year including the first Metal Festival organized by Jay Black (Ex-Malevolent Creation) which will include Derek Roddy’s new band, ENDS. The festival will take place in Pompano Beach on March 23rd.


The band will also be part of Death Miami Metal Fest III. Faethom has been a part of this festival each year since its conception and will feature the first ever South Florida appearance of Baltimore’s Brutal Death/Black band PESSIMIST.  The festival will take place at Churchill’s on May 25th.


Also, Faethom will be doing a small tour supporting VICIOUS RUMORS from California at all 3 of their Florida dates from June 7th through June 9th in Miami (Churchill’s Pub), Orlando (Will’s Pub), and Tampa (Brass Mug).  As one of American Metal pioneers, formed in 1979, Vicious Rumors is celebrating their 40th year anniversary by touring Europe and the US through the summer and as fans of the band, Faethom is thrilled to join them in at least a small fraction of the tour while celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  


Last but not least the legendary old school Death Metal band MASTER is playing a one-off show at Churchill's in Miami on June 26th with Faethom and Hellwitch as opening acts. 



January 2019 -  This year welcomes a new band lineup with Ibrahim Hernandez on bass and Roy Jurado on drums. The band parted ways with Hermes Reyes and Marcel Salas in late 2018 while thanking them for their dedication and wishing them all the best with their new endeavors.



April 2018 - On April 22nd the band performed at the first DECEASED (Thrash/Death band from Viriginia formed in 1984) show in South Florida at Las Rosas in Miami. It was a great pleasure to share the stage with the legendary Kingsley "King" Fowley and the rest of the band.  Faethom will now go back in the studio to re-focus on writing some new material for the 3rd album. The band thanks Matt Florio for traveling all the way from Maryland to fill-in for Marcel on bass once more with such professionalism and camaraderie. 


March 2018 - On March 3rd Faethom had the pleasure to share the stage with Malón and performed "Hija del Mal", the band's second song written completely in Spanish live for the first time.  Malón is a Heavy/Thrash metal band from Argentina that was formed in 1995 by Claudio O'Connor, Antonio Romano, Claudio Strunz, all ex-Hermética (Formed in 1987) members, and Karlos Cuadrado. It is considered one of the most representative bands of Argentine Heavy Metal.    This was the first time Malón performed in Florida.


January 2018 -  As new songs are being written based on a new spine chilling thought provoking concept, the band continues to play some live
shows such as yet another 70K Tons of Metal Pre-Cruise Show at Churchill's sharing the stage with Brutality, The Glorious Death, NZM, among other great Florida bands.  Matt Florio (Virulentus, Ex-Masticator, Ex-Wykked Wytch) was summoned on bass covering for Marcel Salas, who was unable to perform a show in 2017 and another one in 2018. 


November 2017 -  Throughout most of the year, the band focused on writing new material, however, Faethom also had the
pleasure to play a few great shows while sharing the stage with VENOM Inc., Toxic Holcaust, Goatwhore, INQUISITION, Nocturnus AD, Kult
of Azazel, Shroud Eater, Amenorrhea, No Raza and others through the year.


January 2017 -  Last month Faethom opened for Goatwhore on their Fort Lauderdale tour stop, making it the second time the bands share the stage since May of 2013.  Earlier this month Alex Marquez (Drummer of Solstice, Thrash or Die, Ex-Malevolent Creation, Ex-Demolition Hammer) officially announced that Solstice will be headlining their second European tour with direct support from Faethom, War Curse (Ohio), and Warsenal (Canada). The tour is planned to last through the whole month of October spanning countries across eastern and western Europe, stay tuned for confirmed dates.


September 2016 -  A lyric video edited by singer Mariela Muerte was released on September 21st. The song is called "Slaves to the Dawn" and it's the first song (second track) in "Fury of the Scorned Witch". The lyrical content of Slaves to the Dawn talks about the strife of the workers in a fictional Bolivian mining town (somewhere in the Andes) where the story of this concept album unfolds. The lyrics are mainly in English except for the bridge section of the song which is both in Quechua and Spanish. (Watch the video here: ""


Upcoming Events





"CHAOSMORPHOGORIA", fAETHOM's third concept album to be released later this fall, to be performed in its entirety for 2 nights:


* Thursday, October 26th at Piper's Pub in Pompano Beach, FL


* Saturday, October 28th, 2023 @ BLACK MASS Festival III - Brass Mug in Tampa, FL