August 2016 - Faethom would like to thank everyone that came out to the shows on the first U.S. tour with Solstice and WarCurse in support of the release of "Fury of the Scorned Witch". The band would also like to thank Alex Marquez (Solstice) for taking the band out on tour and Brian Wilson (Hellwitch) for doing an excelent job filling in on drums. Check out a review of Fury of the Scorned Witch by Paul Caravasi from Soulgrinder Zine here: 



July 2016 - Friday July 1st of 2016 marks the official release of Faethom's 2nd full-length concept album, "Fury of the Scorned Witch", a horror concept album about a fictional Bolivian mining town where the miners toil and suffer relentlessly under the watchful eye of "El Tio" (the demonic entity that guards the mines). With an infernal cast of characters - a scorned, vengeful cholita, a violent, murderous miner, a powerful, diabolical witch, a pious, holier-than-thou gossip, and a sinful, cowardly priest - the album promises to be a hellish metal tale of terror to satisfy the old-school Horror-worshiping Metalhead. With this album, Faethom delivers a powerful  blend of old-school Heavy Metalmixed with Extreme Metal and elements of 70's prog-rock, interludes and introsheavily inspired in 80's Horror movie soundtracks, and overall ambiance inspired by Bolivian folk music. The album artwork is by California-based artist, Fernando Saavedra, who is also responsible for the artwork of the band's 2011 LP (In The Name Of The Father, The Son And The Unholy) and 2013 EP (Mark Of The Devil). He will also be featured as a guest guitarist on the instrumental track "Soul-Eating Mountain." The album features two songs entirely in Spanish, "Héroes de las Minas" and "Hija del Mal." A bit of Quechua (the native tongue of Bolivia) is also be included in some of the tracks. The band is set to go on a U.S. tour in July of 2016 along with Solstice (Miami, USA) and Warcurse (Ohio, USA).  The tour will span states from all across the U.S. including NY, MD, OH, IN, CH, CO, CA, AZ, KY, TX and many more...   


April 2016 - The band released the cover artwork for their upcoming album Fury Of The Scorned Witch. This will be the band's 2nd full-length album and will feature 18 hellish tracks. This record will be a horror concept album about a fictional Bolivian mining town where the miners toil and suffer relentlessly under the watchful eye of "El Tio" (the demonic entity that guards the mines).


January 2016 - The band is glad to announce that the search for a bassist has come to an end.  A few months ago bassist Leona Hayward moved to Seattle. Joel, from Cuban Black Metal band Ancestor, stepped in for a few gigs but after a while he also moved to the west coast, and chose the city of sin, Las Vegas, for his permanent residence. Bassist Marcel Salas from Cyst officially joined Faethom and played his first show with the band by paying homage to Lemmy of Motörhead who had left this world a few weeks before.


December 2015 - Recording sessions for the new album were completed in October, mixing began in November. Even though the main focus this past year was recording the album, the band took the time to play a few shows next to some great local and international bands, such as Ulcer, Mindscar, Made of Metal, Killing Addiction, Thrash or Die, Vattnet Viskar, as well as Norwegian black metal band 1349 and American death/black metal band ACHERON.


November 2014 – New music video: This month Faethom released an official music video for "Thou Shall Follow". The video was directed and edited by talented artist, Daniel Jackson (who does a cameo appearance in the video as Satan!). It's been a long journey to get this video out and both the band and the director hope that you all think it was worth the wait. The video release couldn't have better timing, exactly three years ago, Faethom released their debut album "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Unholy.", the album in which the song was originally released. To honor this event as well as providing better sound quality to the video, the band re-recorded "Thou Shall Follow" with the current lineup, Mariela (vocals/keyboards), David (guitar), Hermes (drums), and Leonna (bass). The song was mixed and mastered by David and it can be downloaded from BandCamp at:


October 2014 – The band has been in recording mode for a few months and the new songs’ tracks will be ready very soon. This is a complete DIY production from recording to mixing and because of the weather conditions in South Florida and not having air conditioning at the studio the artistic aggression was increased by a few notches. Luckily, the members of Faethom made it through the summer alive! The band will be searching for the ideal sound engineer to do the mastering after all editing and mixing is complete.  As difficult as it can be, the band found a way to play three important shows while the recording sessions were taking place and drummer Hermes had to use his back up drum set for the live experience to avoid moving the laborious microphone setup at the recording warehouse (A.K.A. Incafierno Studios).   Faethom had the pleasure to open the show and share the stage with Agalloch on their "Serpens In Culmination" tour date at The Orpheum in Tampa along with Vex from Texas. It was a great experience filled with musician camaraderie and the band thanks both the owner of the venue and the booking agent for the invitation and great hospitality.  The band also played two great festivals at Churchill’s Pub in Miami, first on August 2nd at the third annual Death to Miami Fest sharing the bill with some great Metal bands from all across Florida and also October 18th at the second annual Black Kvlt Fest sharing the stage with Colombian/Texan Black Metal band Thy Antichrist and other great Blackened bands from all across Florida and beyond. The band was invited to headline a show in San Juan, Puerto Rico on November 15th. The event celebrates the 4th anniversary of Black Stone Entertainment Productions and it is also dedicated to Puerto Rico’s beloved Metal singer Damaris Negron “Signora Legion” who passed away in 2012. This marks the very first time Faethom plays outside of mainland U.S. and the first time all members visit Puerto Rico.


April 2014 - Faethom had the pleasure to be part of some great events from December '13 through the first quarter of 2014. The band opened for Morbid Angel on their first date of their Covenant 20th anniversary tour and it was a remarkable moment a band that has inspired them for many years. Also, the band shared the stage with legendary Canadian band Anvil on the second date of their US Tour. Some of the highlights were opening Another highlight was A Tribute to Motörhead where Faethom performed two covers, "The Hammer" and "Don't Need Religion".  The band also had the pleasure to travel to perform in Tampa twice this year, first in February for the 1st Anti-Valentine's Massacre Festival and then in March for the 2nd edition of "Hellgore Fest" which  was right on Mariela Muerte's birthday and included some outstanding Death and Black Metal bands from all across Florida. Also, in April they played a show with Black Metal bands Nakhiel from Jacksonville and Ancestor from Cuba.


October 2013 -   Faethom's MARK OF THE DEVIL EP will be released on 10/11/13. Three new songs, I.Mark of the Devil, II. Heroes de las Minas (First song completely in Spanish and some Quechua) , III. School Day Terror are included in this release, limited to 100 physical copies. The lineup includes Mariela Muerte on vocals & keyboards, David Diacrono on guitars, bass and charango, and Hermes Reyes on drums. The CD will be available for sale through this website and at shows starting with the 1st Annual BLACK KVLT FEST at Churchill's Pub in Miami, FL on 10/11/13. The cover artwork was in the talented hands of Californian artist Fernando Saavedra once again and this time around the band also had the pleasure of working with Rachel from RJ Images Photography for the band photo shoot. Also, Faethom will finally get the chance to pay tribute to one their most important musical influences, MERCYFUL FATE, this October 26th at Archie's West in Tamarac, FL. The band will perform 3 covers from Mercyful Fate's amazing catalogue, “The Oath”, “Desecration of Souls” and “Come to the Sabbath”, the main act for the night is Lufycrem Etaf, a Mercyful Fate Tribute band who will be performing many other MF classics and David Diacrono will join them on stage for a song.